Trolling in the deep

27 Dec

On a weekly basis, I come across trolls. It’s part of the territory of being online in a public domain. They tend to stick to the fine techniques they’ve had since they were 6, calling people fat and ugly. They generally hide in the anonymity of the net, behind fake photos and names. They’re the weakest and most pathetic type of bully and they’re well aware of that.  In all reality, these aren’t the type of people you’d be terrified of if you met them on the street. On facebook, you’ll see their real faces a bit more. A lot of the time I’ll just screenshot their insults and email it to their employers. I’ve had a few mortified employers email me back informing me that the troll got the sack. So if you think being an asshole online wont ever bite you in the arse, think again. On twitter however, it takes less than a minute to create an account, and it’s easier to hide your identity. Most twitter trolls have multiple accounts that they use to ‘back eachother up’. They seemingly think nobody will notice that they’re all the same person. Here is a prime example of this:


Massive thanks to @jaxaox for backing me up after this guy (who is all the same person) started trying to talk smack about my 5 year old. Yes, trolls are that pathetic that they’ll pick on children, because they know that in all reality, there is nobody who feels threatened by them. If making fun of a little boy is something that brings you joy in life, it really illustrates how desperate you are for human interaction, as stooping that low often gets a rise out of people.

The thing is, you can’t let these guys upset you. They’re weak little halfwits who hide in the shadows, lurking, looking for someone to be nasty to.It’s the only way they know how to interact with anyone, because more often than not, nobody that knows these people in real life actually likes them, which is why they’re assclowns online. Feel sorry for them, laugh at their stupid taunts, but whatever you do, don’t take them seriously. Every time you let yourself emotionally rant back at them, they win. They want to see you upset, but they hate it when their insults are water off a ducks back. Either block them, or have a bit of fun winding them up. You are not helpless to them. Stand up for yourself, protect yourself, don’t let a stranger on the internet who can’t even show their real face tell you anything bad about yourself. They don’t know you well enough to have a valid point, simple as that.

Have you had any crappy experiences with trolls? What did you do?



Antonio Hall

16 Sep

A few months ago Amie flew down to come visit and we went on one of our typical random aventures. we had both been curious about Antonio Hall on Riccarton Road, so we drove up to peer over the fence and take some photos.
To our surprise, the security/caretaker was on site, and offered to take us through the house.
Antonio Hall is currently used for police training, primarily the dogs. People hide throughout the hall and the dogs and cops have to raid the place and find them. There was a lot of damage done to the original house in the earthquake, but the rest of the property has been damaged by try-hard vandals and dropkicks who try to steal the copper pipes.
A lot of professional photographers book out the halls for photoshoots, the caretaker told us that Urban Decay had booked use of the property that week, which he seemed pretty excited about.
Luckily Amie had her camera, I came unprepared with only my iphone in hand, but still took a tonne of photos.

This is the back of the old caretaker’s cottage.

I love the vines that have crept though the broken windows.

This is where the owners were when the earthquake hit. Everything inside that kitchen has been left as is.

My favourite photo from the lot. The light was coming in through the window so perfectly.

Please bear in mind these photos are just quick snaps from my iphone, we only had a short time to get through the place.
A few people have asked if they can, so if you want to use these photos somewhere that is okay, just don’t be a douchelord and say you took them yourself.

Everyone is a model!

27 Aug

According to a woman who runs a facebook page, everyone who feels the need to call themselves a model, is in fact, a model. So this post is to help guide you into defining what kind of a model you are, so you too can call yourself a model. Please note it doesn’t matter if you have never been paid to model, if you like a photographer’s facebook page, or follow someone who holds a camera in their twitter display picture, you’re a model.

Do you have a tattoo, or a chunk of unnatural coloured hair? Congratulations, you’re an alternative model!

Do you wear vintage repro? Well you’re a pin up model! Go tell your friends!

Over a size 8? Plus size model camp welcomes you. Pass go and collect your ‘real women have curves’ t-shirt.

Love standing in front of your bathroom mirror taking photos of yourself in outfits from a particular store, then posting it on their wall? Awesome, you’re their spokeswomen and brand ambassador.

Love wearing next no clothes when you go out? Ooh that’s sexy, you must be a men’s magazine bikini model, lingerie model and promo girl. Oh sorry, scrap promo girl, that’s beneath you.

Only wear designer clothes? On trend! You’re a high fashion model.

Love nailpolish? Wow, that makes you a hand model.

Did a blogspot post about make up that you bought? That’s a no brainer, you’re totally a beauty model.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to add as the modeling industry continues to explode with all this talent, feel free to add some more in the comments!

Gluten Free S’moresome Pie

17 Aug

I have been having s’more fantasies for a few days, so I decided to make a s’more pie/slice thingamajig. I’d seen a few variations online and thought I’d give it a try.
Brooklyn can’t have gluten, so I needed to come up with a gluten free variety that I could make from scratch.

First off, preheat your oven on bake and 180’/350f

1c gf flour
1/2 c brown sugar
1t vanilla essence
2-3T almond meal
125g butter – melted
Mix all of that together and press into a pie dish or square pan. Bake for 15 minutes.

Creamy chocolate centre
3/4 cream
3/4c milk
280g dark chocolate, either cooking melts or a block of chocolate
3 eggs
1/4t salt
warm the cream and milk over a med-low heat, add the salt and chocolate and stir until melted. Remove from heat, stir for 2 minutes then quickly beat in the three eggs.
Pour into the base and bake for around 15-20 mins, until the chocolate is no longer runny. When you touch the chocolate it will feel like set jelly.
Switch the oven from bake to grill

Marshmallow top
Big bag of marshmallows – you don’t want to use things like Pascall’s marshmallows because they will just melt then go hard like caramel. Go for brands like Mr Mallow.
Lay the marshmallows side by side on top of the chocolate and pop un the oven to grill, until the tops start to brown. Keep an eye on them, it only takes 2-3 minutes.

Welcome to Heaven

You can chill it in the fridge and it keeps well, but its best if you heat chilled portions in the microwave for 10 seconds to get the marshmallow to start melting again.

S’morefully tasty

Shit That I Love

13 Aug

I decided to start writing a blog each month about the stuff I love right now. Mostly so I can return in a year and lol at my former self.

Punisher Max comics
I pretty much want to have Frank Castles babies, despite the fact one of the last girls who tried to do that he snapped her neck with his thighs… I am a huge sucker for the Punisher max series.

Jeffrey Campbell’s Zealous – aka my troll feet


I love having shoes that weird people out. My city doesn’t have a large quantity of fashion forward people, so anything out of the norm induces funny stares, vigorous pointing and laughs. It’s good though because then I feel less bad about laughing at them in their jeggings and slippers.

Squid ink and black truffle Risotto

I’ve just starting playing around a bit to create some mains, and I never realised how easy this was to make. I’m working on the timing for each step so I can write out a recipe. I would take a photo, but risotto and curries are the two things I wish people would stop hipstergrammimg. They are they types of food that taste great, but REALLY don’t look good at all in photos. Unless you have a commercial photographer use a real camera and style it appropriately, people will look at your photo on twitter and facebook and liken it to a gastro bug issue.


Teefury is the best tee site ever. Each day they put a new tee up for sale, and you have 24 hours to get it. All the tees are only $10USD, and even with shipping it works out to only be about $22NZ.

Alice in Videoland

I have only *just* discovered that Alice has reopened, just behind it’s former corner store on High street.It is a bit of a bitch to get to, there is only one way in and out as the rest of the areas around it are cordoned off. It still looks just as pretty as the old Alice, minus the rad Pez range. If you like beautiful films and are willing to brave the red zone, head down madras street and check it out.

My daughter’s love for The Incredible Hulk

ImageAs a massiver hater of gender stereotypes, nothing quite warms my heart like my baby screaming HULK SMASH! She is pretty much convinced that she will become the Hulk when she is older.

Pinup Girl Clothing 


I harp on about them all day, and for good reason. Their clothing is incredible and unique, the designers are fabulous, their models are incredibly beautiful. The best thing about PUG however, is how body positive they are. PUG, like me are very much team ‘every body is a good body’. They have a huge range of clothing to flatter all figures, all shapes, and they have a wide variety of shapes represented in their models.
I love the way they run their business, don’t take bullshit from primadonnas, let all women know they are perfect just the way they are, and continue to make jaw dropping clothing year after year.

My BFF Megan


Isn’t she a babe? She’s also single, (if the right person is asking) I’ll let you fight me for her. Megan is one of those awesome people that you feel like you’ve known forever even though it’s only been a short while. She plays ice hockey, drinks whiskey sours and dresses like a lady. We share a mutual despise for puffer jackets. You can find her on twitter here

Hottest Home Baker

27 Apr

Hey all, I promised to answer a few questions, so here goes

Why brownies and moustaches?

We got told to make our signature dish, so I did. As soon as Dean said, “make me something I’ve never tasted before”, I knew that was me out. He is fairly unenthusiastic about brownies.

Were you stressed out and why?

Yeah, mainly because it was a long day and I was pretty tired when I got into the kitchen. My feet got really sore from being in 5 inch heels and the oven wasn’t baking the food out like I was used to. My brownie which takes 24 minutes in my oven, took an hour in that one. Also stressed because I knew I was out as soon as we started.

Who did your hair and makeup, and what were you wearing?

I did my own hair and makeup. I use MAC makeup and brushes. The eyeliner is MAC fluidline, my lipstick is Russian Red. I was wearing a Deadly Dames top from over a Trix and Dandy Garland dress. My shoes are by Ironfist.

What is Colin like?

Colin is the most beautiful creature ever. He is as gorgeous in person as he is on camera. He was very kind and caring to all of us and is a huge asset to the HBB brand.

Biggest regret?

Not taking bacon, and not making something different. I nearly did, but chose not to at the last moment. I wish I had.

Was the kitchen really hot?

With ten ovens going and you’re trapped in there for nearly 3 hours, oh hell yes!

Are any of you friends now?

Totally! I have known Rose for a while already, and a bundle of us talk daily now.

Was there much drama?

Ohhh yes, keep watching the show and you’ll see it.

Are you going to write a cookbook?

Sure am. It features unique things to make that aren’t complicated but have a huge wow factor. Everything in the cookbook is able to be made with either gluten free or regular flour with no need to add extra bits and bobs.

Why didn’t you watch the show?

It would have made me angry I feel. I was there and I felt very frustrated with myself for not making something more ‘out there’ at the time, I just decided not to piss myself off all over again. I went and saw Avengers again and got out to find over 250 tweets and that I was trending on twitter. It was pretty cute, I rather experience the show through the kind words of the twitter community than through watching that episode.

Will you watch the rest now that you have been cut?

Sure will! I am going to watch it with Mel and Rose and our mutual friend wine 🙂

Cooking Experiments

6 Apr

Some of you may know, I’m in the process of writing a recipe book at the moment. With that, comes crazy kitchen Bexie, who spends all day thinking of stuff to make, trying different things, especially flavour combinations and preparation techniques. I’m lazy, so I like things that make minimal dishes and take 15 minutes or less to get from raw ingredients to the oven.

Anyway, this is a few of the more recent experiments, the recipes will be in the cookbook.

Gluten free cracker sticks, full of all of the healthy things you can trick people into consuming

Magical spiced buttery chicken

Moro bar whipped cheesecake slice. Tastes like choc/malty caramel cheesecake but lighter.

Rosewater and muscavado sugar cookies

and a food blog of mine would not be complete without some bacon…

Until next time, baconettes.