Hottest Home Baker

27 Apr

Hey all, I promised to answer a few questions, so here goes

Why brownies and moustaches?

We got told to make our signature dish, so I did. As soon as Dean said, “make me something I’ve never tasted before”, I knew that was me out. He is fairly unenthusiastic about brownies.

Were you stressed out and why?

Yeah, mainly because it was a long day and I was pretty tired when I got into the kitchen. My feet got really sore from being in 5 inch heels and the oven wasn’t baking the food out like I was used to. My brownie which takes 24 minutes in my oven, took an hour in that one. Also stressed because I knew I was out as soon as we started.

Who did your hair and makeup, and what were you wearing?

I did my own hair and makeup. I use MAC makeup and brushes. The eyeliner is MAC fluidline, my lipstick is Russian Red. I was wearing a Deadly Dames top from over a Trix and Dandy Garland dress. My shoes are by Ironfist.

What is Colin like?

Colin is the most beautiful creature ever. He is as gorgeous in person as he is on camera. He was very kind and caring to all of us and is a huge asset to the HBB brand.

Biggest regret?

Not taking bacon, and not making something different. I nearly did, but chose not to at the last moment. I wish I had.

Was the kitchen really hot?

With ten ovens going and you’re trapped in there for nearly 3 hours, oh hell yes!

Are any of you friends now?

Totally! I have known Rose for a while already, and a bundle of us talk daily now.

Was there much drama?

Ohhh yes, keep watching the show and you’ll see it.

Are you going to write a cookbook?

Sure am. It features unique things to make that aren’t complicated but have a huge wow factor. Everything in the cookbook is able to be made with either gluten free or regular flour with no need to add extra bits and bobs.

Why didn’t you watch the show?

It would have made me angry I feel. I was there and I felt very frustrated with myself for not making something more ‘out there’ at the time, I just decided not to piss myself off all over again. I went and saw Avengers again and got out to find over 250 tweets and that I was trending on twitter. It was pretty cute, I rather experience the show through the kind words of the twitter community than through watching that episode.

Will you watch the rest now that you have been cut?

Sure will! I am going to watch it with Mel and Rose and our mutual friend wine 🙂


One Response to “Hottest Home Baker”

  1. marilynn99 April 27, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    I was one of the many who were tweeting about you last night! You came across really well – articulate and a good mama. XX

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