Shit That I Love

13 Aug

I decided to start writing a blog each month about the stuff I love right now. Mostly so I can return in a year and lol at my former self.

Punisher Max comics
I pretty much want to have Frank Castles babies, despite the fact one of the last girls who tried to do that he snapped her neck with his thighs… I am a huge sucker for the Punisher max series.

Jeffrey Campbell’s Zealous – aka my troll feet


I love having shoes that weird people out. My city doesn’t have a large quantity of fashion forward people, so anything out of the norm induces funny stares, vigorous pointing and laughs. It’s good though because then I feel less bad about laughing at them in their jeggings and slippers.

Squid ink and black truffle Risotto

I’ve just starting playing around a bit to create some mains, and I never realised how easy this was to make. I’m working on the timing for each step so I can write out a recipe. I would take a photo, but risotto and curries are the two things I wish people would stop hipstergrammimg. They are they types of food that taste great, but REALLY don’t look good at all in photos. Unless you have a commercial photographer use a real camera and style it appropriately, people will look at your photo on twitter and facebook and liken it to a gastro bug issue.


Teefury is the best tee site ever. Each day they put a new tee up for sale, and you have 24 hours to get it. All the tees are only $10USD, and even with shipping it works out to only be about $22NZ.

Alice in Videoland

I have only *just* discovered that Alice has reopened, just behind it’s former corner store on High street.It is a bit of a bitch to get to, there is only one way in and out as the rest of the areas around it are cordoned off. It still looks just as pretty as the old Alice, minus the rad Pez range. If you like beautiful films and are willing to brave the red zone, head down madras street and check it out.

My daughter’s love for The Incredible Hulk

ImageAs a massiver hater of gender stereotypes, nothing quite warms my heart like my baby screaming HULK SMASH! She is pretty much convinced that she will become the Hulk when she is older.

Pinup Girl Clothing 


I harp on about them all day, and for good reason. Their clothing is incredible and unique, the designers are fabulous, their models are incredibly beautiful. The best thing about PUG however, is how body positive they are. PUG, like me are very much team ‘every body is a good body’. They have a huge range of clothing to flatter all figures, all shapes, and they have a wide variety of shapes represented in their models.
I love the way they run their business, don’t take bullshit from primadonnas, let all women know they are perfect just the way they are, and continue to make jaw dropping clothing year after year.

My BFF Megan


Isn’t she a babe? She’s also single, (if the right person is asking) I’ll let you fight me for her. Megan is one of those awesome people that you feel like you’ve known forever even though it’s only been a short while. She plays ice hockey, drinks whiskey sours and dresses like a lady. We share a mutual despise for puffer jackets. You can find her on twitter here


One Response to “Shit That I Love”

  1. Megan the BFF August 13, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    BAM. I’m quite enjoying you too and I’m pretty sure it will continue for a long time. Lime you sisterwife!!

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