Antonio Hall

16 Sep

A few months ago Amie flew down to come visit and we went on one of our typical random aventures. we had both been curious about Antonio Hall on Riccarton Road, so we drove up to peer over the fence and take some photos.
To our surprise, the security/caretaker was on site, and offered to take us through the house.
Antonio Hall is currently used for police training, primarily the dogs. People hide throughout the hall and the dogs and cops have to raid the place and find them. There was a lot of damage done to the original house in the earthquake, but the rest of the property has been damaged by try-hard vandals and dropkicks who try to steal the copper pipes.
A lot of professional photographers book out the halls for photoshoots, the caretaker told us that Urban Decay had booked use of the property that week, which he seemed pretty excited about.
Luckily Amie had her camera, I came unprepared with only my iphone in hand, but still took a tonne of photos.

This is the back of the old caretaker’s cottage.

I love the vines that have crept though the broken windows.

This is where the owners were when the earthquake hit. Everything inside that kitchen has been left as is.

My favourite photo from the lot. The light was coming in through the window so perfectly.

Please bear in mind these photos are just quick snaps from my iphone, we only had a short time to get through the place.
A few people have asked if they can, so if you want to use these photos somewhere that is okay, just don’t be a douchelord and say you took them yourself.


One Response to “Antonio Hall”

  1. Grace Barby December 14, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Some really nice photos there. It’s a shame this place is on the opposite side of the world as I’d really like to have a look around one day

    Grace x

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