13 Feb

I’m still around, just been busy doing stuff like


And a little bit of this

And maybe also this

And A LOT of this

It’s going to be a magical year.


Bacon jam ’11

5 Oct

Some of my favourite bacon creations from this year:

vanilla cupcakes with crispy vanilla sugar candied bacon sprinkles

Candied bacon with tater tots and spinach unicorn

Bacon Chutney

Bacon candied in Doctor Pepper

Next level bacon weave Jack Daniel’s candied bacon, Megan got that weave tight!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

1 Sep

I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts about food, because to be fair, food is the love of my life.
I love making food, giving it to friends and making it do stupid things. For example, baking gingerbread versions of myself and Amie and making them do stuff, then sending her photos of them.

Anyway… one of my favourite things to make is cupcakes. This mostly comes down to them looking cool when they’re iced. The children only eat icing and only like chewy cookies, which you can’t really smother in buttercream icing. Pity. All my baking is gluten free, because Brooklyn can’t have gluten. I’ve got to the point with my GF baking you can’t tell the difference between a GF and non GF version of it, which is handy when you have guests who think that GF food is for crazy hippies and must taste like dirt.

Here are a few recent additions to the Bexie cupcake family:

These are vanilla and dark chocolate with chunks of vegan marshmallow through them and marshmallow buttercream.

These ones are vanilla with Whittakers  62% dark chocolate buttercream icing.

These puppies are lemon/vanilla with duotone icing.

Now these were from a while ago obviously, my first attempt at making shiz with fondant.

As you can tell I am a bit of a buttercream fan, however I actually prefer buttercream made with kremelta, which is coconut shortening. It usually goes a bit harder on the outside than buttercream does, but it holds the flavour and colour that you make your icing much better. It doesn’t taste so sickly either.  Quantity wise,you just use it as a direct replacement for the butter, so same as you would add to a normal mixture.

The next instalment will be pies, tweet me here to tell me if you’d prefer a sweet or savoury pie recipe.

Six Months On

21 Aug

I just sent a text that pretty much sums up how I feel about today, 6 months on from the earthquake that made our city fall to it’s knees.

On the morning of the 22nd of February I had a big grin on my face, I was thinking that life can only get better from here. The 21st had been pretty monumental for me. I was excited.

I was getting Brooklyn ready for preschool, then I was going to head into the city for a late lunch. We were running 20 minutes late, so slack! I was driving along Fitzgerald Ave when the quake hit. Everything fell down around us. After checking on preschool I realised I wasn’t going to be able to get the car home, people were telling me the bridge had been taken out and everywhere I looked the roads were destroyed. I had to leave the car in the CBD and walk home with the kids. Brooklyn, who has autism, was beside himself. He kept yelling at everyone to clean up the broken buildings. “Who did this?”, he would ask strangers. “Did you do this? It is not okay, clean it up NOW!”. I was beside myself, on Barbadoes Street with tears streaming down my face, covered in silt trying to figure out where to from here. There were seriously injured people everywhere, mostly head injuries.

This is where we were when the quake hit.

It took me over an and hour and a half to get the kids from the corner of  Barbadoes and Armagh Street to the Bealey Ave end of Geraldine Street. The paths looked like they had been torn apart, plus they were flooded and covered in silt. We got into our house and it looked liked we had been raided. Nearly everything we owned was broken and on the floor. I huddled the kids onto the couch and tried to calm them down while we waited for Mike to get home. We got out to Rolleston and my parents took us in.
Two days on we were safe up in Auckland. Thanks to the help of twitter family and Mike’s family we were taken care in a way I will be forever teary and grateful for. Thank you to everyone who helped, who spent time with me, who calmed me down, who talked to me.  Twitter is the only community and family that I can say that I feel I belong in. Thank you all for that.

So what now, six months on? Life has changed so much for me, for the better. As a city we are closer. We take care of each-other. We celebrate more, complain less. We celebrate things like our power coming back on, having toilets we can flush. I personally am really excited about getting a new city.  On a more personal level as you can probably tell my life has changed nearly every month. I’ve been through a lot of hurt over the last six months, I’m on track now. I’m grateful for that.

I still cannot quite believe how in just a few horrendous moments your life path can change so dramatically, and how I can come out the other side and say that I know I am going to be okay.

Chch vs Snow

19 Aug

The snow earlier this week was pretty badass, apart from losing power for 6.5 hours because the power pole right outside my house snapped at the base, so luckily the twitter family took me in for a few hours.
On day 1 of the snow I made this little guy

Day 2 of the snow I spent with Meagle trying to find gumboots and gloves. Gumboots were nowhere to be found, instead we had an epic snowball fight and saw a hairdresser’s car.

I saw a lot of people complaining about the snow. I don’t know why.

Protected: Shopping for a pet boyfriendthing

8 Aug

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30 Jul

Haven’t blogged for a while. Been busy and all that. Doing what? Mostly birthday related business.
I am proud to say I have attended 3 parties in a month where I have ended up with a fake moustache. Here are the top picks of the pics:

I am so damn lucky to have the friends that I do. My twitter family especially have been invaluable to me since I met them, but especially over the past few months. I still can’t quite get my head around how much has happened in the past 5 months.
I’ve been in two modes, survival mode and spring break mode. I’ve been a total scatterbrains. Mike is a chef, so for the past four years I have had very little opportunity to venture into the wild sans children, and have fun in an adult setting with my friends. Since the earthquake I’ve had plenty of time to. But Mike starts back at work now and I am back to the usual. But that’s part and parcel with having kidthings, who also look great in fake moustaches..

I’ve had a bit of trouble lately with trying to ‘sort my shit out’ and being hit for 6 every time I think I have got it sorted, so that has been fun. I think the main issues have been ironed out now, so onwards and upwards. I have three really exciting professional aspects of my life falling into place beautifully, but they each need a separate post, which I will make an effort to actually do soon.
I mainly just wanted to show my moustaches off today.