30 Jul

Haven’t blogged for a while. Been busy and all that. Doing what? Mostly birthday related business.
I am proud to say I have attended 3 parties in a month where I have ended up with a fake moustache. Here are the top picks of the pics:

I am so damn lucky to have the friends that I do. My twitter family especially have been invaluable to me since I met them, but especially over the past few months. I still can’t quite get my head around how much has happened in the past 5 months.
I’ve been in two modes, survival mode and spring break mode. I’ve been a total scatterbrains. Mike is a chef, so for the past four years I have had very little opportunity to venture into the wild sans children, and have fun in an adult setting with my friends. Since the earthquake I’ve had plenty of time to. But Mike starts back at work now and I am back to the usual. But that’s part and parcel with having kidthings, who also look great in fake moustaches..

I’ve had a bit of trouble lately with trying to ‘sort my shit out’ and being hit for 6 every time I think I have got it sorted, so that has been fun. I think the main issues have been ironed out now, so onwards and upwards. I have three really exciting professional aspects of my life falling into place beautifully, but they each need a separate post, which I will make an effort to actually do soon.
I mainly just wanted to show my moustaches off today.


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