The year that nearly was

21 Nov

Ok so this 30 days of me was a bit of a flop. I really don’t have a large attention span for myself and it started turning into a chore rather than any sort of fun.

Anyway… I decided that I would do some reflecting about the year, because well, its  that time of year I guess. I think the name of the blog fits me quite well this year. I have spent 2010 focusing on myself in a way I haven’t before. My life revolved around making sure everyone else was as happy as they could be, and it still very much is, but I was becoming a bit of a martyr, I guess I learned to do that.

Well I decided its time to expand my horizons for everyone’s sake. I started doing things for me… (real life me time!) to learn, to grow, to have fun! I focused more on being present, and aware.

I paid more attention on twitter, and in that, have met some incredible people. Really amazing. I love how with twitter, you meet people you would have never met before. You may not talk to them every day, you may loose touch all together, but that was still one more person you would have possibly never met. People fascinate me. Everyone- EVERYONE has an intense and amazing life story. I love learning about people, what makes them happy, what pisses them off, how they turned out the way they did. Wonderful. I think there’s no such thing as being on good terms with too many people.

I had a lovely valentines this year, the first time I have ever celebrated it, due to the beautiful Cate Owen being my valentine this year. If you’re on twitter, follow her, she’s someone very special. I also went to a lot of tweetups this year, and met fantastic people. I feel really lucky for the people in Auckland who organised special tweetups for me to meet them. James Hancox took amazing photos of one of them. I went to my first PJ kareoke party at Kylie’s house this year. She is an incredible woman that Kylie is. Very proud to know her. I also feel really fortunate to have met Tove for the first time after 2 years of talking on, that was amazing. A lot of people went out of their way to meet me this year, and I sit here and wonder how I got so lucky. Thank you all.

This year was the year I had it confirmed to me that my son has mild autism. I have always known this. Since the day he was born. I wasn’t upset when I heard the specialist say “have you heard of Autism before?”, I knew. I was happy. Happy to be heard, to not have to fight medical professionals anymore for the answers we deserved. It is also the year that we found out Brooklyn has a severe intolerance to gluten, along with the Coeliac gene,  and therefore he has been GF since May. It has changed him, huge amounts of benefits which, you’ll find heaps of info if you Google it.

I became a qualified pregnancy counsellor this year. People often ask, “is it fun”? I think that work like this isn’t what you would deem fun, but it is enjoyable. I already have been doing adoption support for over a year, and next year I am focusing on my diploma in counselling. I think this will be a really positive move for me, as I have wanted to do this for a long time and I have never grown bored of it. In exploring this I have started to realise where a lot of my own issues have come from, and why I am the way I have become. I have the control over myself to change the things that I don’t like.

I realised this year I have so much left to learn. So many places to see, people to meet, books to read, food to taste. I feel like I have just been born. I love that because of my diverse friend base I can learn and experience so much. I was planning on doing one of those “things I must do in 2011” lists, but I realised in doing that I am limiting myself to things I know  about that I have never done, what about all the other things that I have never heard of? I don’t want to put my blinders on and never learn about them.

Theres lots more, but this post is getting way too long. If you have any ideas about “must experience” things let me know on here or twitter!





One Response to “The year that nearly was”

  1. Nykie November 22, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Awesome read Bex!! Feeling bad we didn’t hook up in Auckers. Next time eh?!! mmmmwah!!! 😀 xx

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