day three

16 Sep

Today is all about posting a photo of you and your friends, well I can’t pick just one.

This is me and my gorgeous friend Camille, aka @BezzeraEspresso. I met Camille on twitter after Hancox (@jameshancox) introduced us. We clicked right away. She lives just down the road which is even more awesome when we need wine and goss time. I love having Camille as a friend because she understands when I ramble about twitter, and I understand her!

These are my friends Emma, Ingrid and Amanda. We all went to school together, and these girls were my rocks after I had Jack and Brooklyn. They all live in Auckland and I miss them every day. Emma is a total fashion guru, Ingrid is one of the most talented sportspeople I know, and Amanda is an amazing artist.

This is a photo of  my friends Tove, me and Hayley. Tove is the badass mum of Hunter. She is named after Tove Jansson, an author/illustrator, and she has a tattoo of a cute Moomin, which is one of the original Tove’s characters. Tove is really outgoing and bloody funny! Hayley is another friend of mine from highschool. She has a gorgeous son who Brooklyn LOVES. Hayley knows more about me than most people do, she has never judged me, even though she knows my deepest secrets. I think its impossible to not get along with Hayley.

I wish I could find a photo of my friends Steph and Georgina and me. I have photos of Georgina and me when she was very pregnant, but I think she would kill me if I posted it on here. Steph and Gina and I have been friends since we were 13. They were in my formclass at school. We have sooo many funny memories together, and I really lucky we all moved to Christchurch, so we catch up all the time.

I am so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing people in my life. I have no idea what I would do without every one of them.


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